Puvungna was once a sacred Native American village. Today, it is located within the Cal State University, Long Beach campus. However, this site has been preserved as a sacred gathering site for the Puvungna Native American people. In order to mark this historic land and make it a formal and respectful place of meditation and remembrance, we proposed an iconic memorial design.

Designers: Tam Tran, Zoey Zhang



Location Plan

Site Plan View

North Elevation. The Monument has two main elements; a monumental zone and an educational zone.

Monument Zone with water, a meaningful element to Native Americans, surrounding the central piece. Six wooden poles stand for six directions of Native American culture. The poles are carved with Puvungna symbols, and can be seen when people approach at a close distance.

Educational Zone where people can sit and exchange in meaningful conversations about the history of Puvungna described on the panels.


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