The Disney Horama Sphere will provide radically new experiences for those who have ever stood in amazement at developed cities or beautiful landscapes and wondered what it might have been like 50 or more years ago. The Horama Sphere is also for those who are fascinated by the Disney heroes and characters, and wish to have a chance to see, talk and interact with them in person rather than passively through a film, TV or computer screen. The Disney Horama Sphere is our concept proposal for a Disney attraction, where visitors will have a unique spatial and interactive history experience of this unique site. The Horama Sphere is inspired from the magical crystal ball, central to many Disney stories, which tells witches, wizards, and magicians of their fortunes.

Located on the top of Baldwin Hill in the heart of Los Angeles' Culver City neighborhood, a journey to the Horama Sphere involves a thrilling 800 foot ascension from a ground station up to the crystal-like sphere observatory, traveling by way of a cable guided gondola. The gondola pods are open and reminiscent of water droplets, providing a fresh air tour around the site with 360 degree views of the LA City Basin. Visitors will travel back in time as they move through the interior of the sphere. At certain view angles visitors can interact with an augmented reality system to see into the past with panoramic views of legendary cities like Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and more. Simultaneously, visitors can have a holographic interactive conversation with Disney characters. These experiences will promise to bring children and adults an unforgettable and historical adventure.

Collaboration of designers Tam Tran, Veronica Frenning, Jeff Rodriguez



Downtown Pershing Square circa 1930

Present day Downtown Pershing Square


Location Map and View Zones

Concept Sketches

Design in Progress


3D Model



Hologram Zone Perspective


The Past Walk Zone Perspective


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